BMP and PNG images not loaded "correctly"

Issue #298 closed
Lillian Seabreeze created an issue

I made a simple image, which is a 2x3 image of red green blue, red green blue. When I load it, the colors are distorted, I can tell because I can use get_at() and the color is way off. If I save the image, too, the picture looks off. What's going on? This happens if I load a BMP or a PNG, and it doesn't matter if I use convert or not.

Running OS X (10.11.3). Pygame 1.9.2.dev1.

In summary, I'll open an image, I can test that the color data is wrong, and when I save it it's exactly as I expected when finding the color samplings wrong. Again, if pygame opens an image, the color data is super messed, and you can test such with get_at() and by saving said image.

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