Minimalise font dependencies

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PanderMusubi created an issue

Minimalise font dependencies in terms of:

  • no font .deb package dependencies in the pygame .deb
  • no usage of absolute font file paths
  • use font config where possible
  • when absolutely necessary shipping font files only in the source code for testing purposes, not in the final build
  • when absolutely necessary refering to TTF files, also look for OTF files when those files are not present as graceful degradation
  • et cetera

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  1. René Dudfield

    This needs to be followed up with the various .deb maintainers I guess.

    Or is there anything inside pygame itself that needs fixing?

  2. PanderMusubi reporter

    Yes, .deb maintainers.

    I did some inspection. If you look at the output of

    grep '\.[ot]tf' -riI *|grep -v docscomments.json

    you will see that the .deb packages do not need these dependencies. Absolute paths are not used and most of the more demanding font code are tests and examples. so if you agree, we don't need to change anything in pygame, only drop deps in .debs and this can be closed for 1.9.2 too.

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