pygame.tests.font_test.AllTestCases failing on OS X 10.11.6

Issue #318 invalid
Aivar Annamaa created an issue

Installed with pip onto Python 3.5.2

ERROR: all_tests_for (pygame.tests.font_test.AllTestCases)
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "test/", line 1, in all_tests_for
subprocess completely failed with return code of "Process timed out (time_out = 120 secs) and was successfully terminated"
cmd:          ['/Users/aivar/Desktop/', '-m', 'pygame.tests.test_utils.test_runner', 'pygame.tests.font_test', '--exclude', 'interactive,subprocess_ignore,python3_ignore']
test_env:     environ({'DISPLAY': '/private/tmp/', 'PYTHONUSERBASE': '/Users/aivar/.thonny', '__CF_USER_TEXT_ENCODING': '0x1F6:0x0:0x0', 'SHLVL': '1', 'TERM_PROGRAM_VERSION': '361.1', 'PIP_USER': 'true', 'XPC_FLAGS': '0x0', 'USER': 'aivar', 'TERM_SESSION_ID': 'B08A362F-0A3F-48E4-9D6A-AA389E9AD439', 'LC_CTYPE': 'UTF-8', 'TERM': 'xterm-256color', '_': '/Users/aivar/Desktop/', 'XPC_SERVICE_NAME': '0', 'Apple_PubSub_Socket_Render': '/private/tmp/', 'SHELL': '/bin/bash', 'TERM_PROGRAM': 'Apple_Terminal', 'SSH_AUTH_SOCK': '/private/tmp/', 'SECURITYSESSIONID': '186a7', 'LOGNAME': 'aivar', 'HOME': '/Users/aivar', 'SDL_VIDEO_X11_WMCLASS': '-m', '__PYVENV_LAUNCHER__': '/Users/aivar/Desktop/', 'PWD': '/Users/aivar', 'PATH': '/Users/aivar/Desktop/', 'TMPDIR': '/var/folders/kz/bl4_l_396f7_09r67ry166q40000gp/T/'})
working_dir:  /var/folders/kz/bl4_l_396f7_09r67ry166q40000gp/T/tmpr6nzn1i8
return (first 10 and last 10 lines):

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  1. Thomas Kluyver

    Is there more detail on the crash above? Also, what's the OS X version you're using - you've put 10.16, but I'm pretty sure that's a few years in the future ;-)

  2. Aivar Annamaa reporter

    Looks like this is my own issue -- I got it from Python tweaked by myself but not from official framework Python

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