pygame 1.91 mixer bug

Issue #38 invalid
René Dudfield created an issue

== saehoon, 2009-09-05 01:10:23 -0700

{{{ Python version : 3.1 pygame version : 1.91

crashes with system error.

the same code works with python 2.4 so this could be python bug. I am not sure.

I am reporting just in case and let you guys to see where the actual bug is.

Thanks. }}}

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  1. René Dudfield reporter
    • changed status to open
    • changed milestone to 1.9.2

    Needs testing with python 3.2. python 3.1 is considered obsolete by and by us. is not a correct way to call the method. However, maybe that was just short hand.

    Here is a test case:

    import pygame, pygame.examples, time, os
    main_dir = os.path.split(os.path.abspath(pygame.examples.__file__))[0]
    data_dir = os.path.join(main_dir, 'data')
    a_sound = pygame.mixer.Sound(os.path.join(data_dir, "whiff.wav"))
    c = pygame.mixer.Channel(1);
  2. René Dudfield reporter

    Has been tested on windows. So marking as invalid.

    Please reopen if you can supply a complete test case showing the problem.

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