Issue #53 open causes "Module format not recognized"

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== sakurai_youhei, 2010-08-30 09:49:33 -0700

{{{ Hi,

Python 2.6 pygame 1.9.1 Windows XP SP3

I faced strange behaviors, so I do test with following code.

========================================== import pygame.mixer import time

filename="house_lo.mp3" pygame.mixer.init() f=open(filename,"rb") time.sleep(1) ==========================================

"house_lo.mp3" is in examples\data. This causes "Module format not recognized".

And I also try other files, "house_lo.ogg" and "boom.wav".

This code with "house_lo.ogg" works well at first time, and it hungs up after "" at second time.

This code with "boom.wav" works well always.

And I try following code.

import pygame.mixer import time

filename="#FILENAME#" pygame.mixer.init() time.sleep(1) ========================================== filename="boom.wav" => always OK filename="house_lo.ogg" => always OK(again,again...) filename="house_lo.mp3" => always NG

Regards. }}}

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  1. cgohlke

    Could be a problem with the house_lo.mp3 file. The file has a "MPEG-2.5 layer 3" format. According to Wikipedia that format is non-standard, proprietary <>. It is not recognized by smpeg on my system (built from trunk) and crashes smpeg on win-amd64. After converting the file to "MPEG-1 layer 3" works. No problems with the ogg file here.

  2. Jason Marshall
    • changed version to 1.9.1
    • edited description

    I think that we should close this issue (wontfix) because the problematic audio file's format is non-standard. pygame should not be expected to support non-standard proprietary formats.

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