Mixer.init claims it takes no kw args, documentation differs.

Issue #6 resolved
René Dudfield created an issue

== James Pettit, 2008-02-16 19:29:03 -0800

{{{ Trying out the new sndarray/numpy features and stereo sound. Very short script with error message:

from pygame import mixer, sndarray from numpy import array


sndarray.use_array('numpy') sound = sndarray.make_sound(array([(x, 2*x) for x in xrange(22050)], dtype='int16'))

Traceback (most recent call last): File "pygame_snd.py", line 4, in <module> mixer.init(stereo=2) TypeError: init() takes no keyword arguments }}}

== illume, 2008-02-27 19:48:53 -0800

{{{ In general pygame functions, and documentation do not support kw args, but the documentation does show defaults.

This should be fixed in the 1.9 release of pygame, to make it more friendly. }}}

== Lenard Lindstrom, 2009-01-29 18:12:01 -0800

{{{ Done in revision 1893. }}}

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