Pygame incompatible with osx lion trackpad?

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njoshi3 created an issue


I recently upgraded to lion from snow leopard. Pygame worked very well with SL, but with the new enhanced features of lion's trackpad, the pygame mouse module doesn't seem to work very well.

The first time I click pygame.mouse.get_pos() works correctly, however any subsequent clicks (even though the event.type passes MOUSEBUTTONDOWN criteria) do not show an updated mouse position. A double tap seems to reset this behavior. Is it something wrong with my pygame configuration? Or is it to do with pygame mouse module itself?

Thanks in advance, Nikhil

P.S.: BTW, I had a lot of trouble even getting the pygame work on lion (I could get it working only with the latest hg clone of both pygame as well as SDL. SDL_image still poses problem and I can work with only BMP images :( )

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  1. René Dudfield


    I'll ask about this on the SDL mailing list. The trackpad works for me... but I don't have a recent macbook pro, so maybe it is a problem with the newer track pads only.

  2. njoshi3 reporter

    Hi illume,

    That will be great help :). I am facing problem also with their SDL_image, due to which I always get "file is not a windows BMP file" error :(.

    Thanks! Nikhil

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