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tito tito
pygame pygame

Implement a native scrap access, without pyobjc. only text are supported, as before.

  1. Mathieu Virbel avatarMathieu Virbel


The main reason of this implementation is to avoid pyobjc. It's a mess to get it working when you are packaging one python application with PyInstaller, or even install it from scratch from a custom python installation.

The native implementation support text clipboard only, as the pyobjc implementation does.

This pull request is just to see if you would agreed to merge it.

If anything is needed, like cleaning the previous one, just tell me, i'll do the fix.

Thanks you,


Comments (4)

      1. illume

        ah, ok... cool.

        Yeah, I'm glad to remove the pyobjc dependency. Also the pyobjc version was never complete... and could lead to machine lockups.

        If by clean, you mean remove?... then please feel free to clean the pyobjc version.


        1. Mathieu Virbel author

          This one is not complete too, only text is supported. And i have one question, when the user ask to get something else than SCRAP_TEXT, it will just be ignored / return None. Same for put. No exception are throwed.

          The documentation reference macosx to support only text for know, but what should i do? Should i throw exception too? Or returning None is acceptable?

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