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pull into pygame?

  1. René Dudfield


can I pull this work into pygame? How did you go with it? Did you get it running in pypy?

I'd probably change the src/pgcompat.h ifdef so it checks for some PYPY define as well as the python version number. As well, the portmidi part probably needs some work so that it can be good for both pythons.


Comments (3)

  1. Neil Muller

    We got pygame working on pypy, but with some issues that still need to be looked at carefully.

    Some of the the fixes are also to work around pypy issues, which we are working on getting fixed there.

    The plan is to cleanup the pygame fixes and submit pull requests for them soon.

  2. Jason Marshall

    In sprite.py, it would be a good idea to use the == and != operators with literals instead of the is and is not operators. I thought about making this change myself, but it didn't seem broken and I didn't want to begin a silly discussion about the 1% speed advantage that using is and is not offer over == or !=. Unfortunately, I'm not knowledgeable about pypy, so I can't comment on the more substantial changes here.

  3. Lenard Lindstrom


    sprite: x is 0 ==> not x Setup.in: no event.c: no pgcompat.h: willing to disable new buffer for Python 2.x, but not Python 3.x async_sub.py: maybe; needs more consideration

    If there is some C macro to indicate a PyPy build then maybe a few PyPy specific conditionals can be added to Pygame.

    Good to see the progress made so far.

    Lenard Lindstrom