Translate the newbieguide to ReStructuredText to build it with the docs

#13 Merged at 879fabe
  1. Radomir Dopieralski

I converted the newbie guide from html to ReStructuredText in order to make it display consistently in the docs. I plan to convert all of the html docs like that, but I work piece by piece.

You can see a rendered version (with broken CSS, because the PyGame Sphinx theme is not really meant to be used standalone) at

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  1. René Dudfield

    Nice one!

    I get the message below, which stops me merging... Do you know how I can solve that so it can be merged?

    """Multiple destination branch heads

    Unfortunately this pull request cannot be automatically pulled and merged until all the heads on the destination branch have been merged."""

  2. Thomas Kluyver

    I just had a look at the locally rendered version of this - the theme is going to need some tweaks, not least because it doesn't currently include the page title (which looks really odd in this case, with the 'or...' lines).

  3. Radomir Dopieralski author

    Yes, I thought about it. One solution would be to use the "link text" (in this case, "Newbie Guide") in the title, so that it is correctly displayed in all sorts of TOC, and have the long title as a second heading.