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#19 Merged at e909844

More changes to the docs

  1. Thomas Kluyver

This involves larger, and potentially more controversial, changes:

  • Removing & ignoring the files in the repository that are generated by Sphinx. I feel that generated files shouldn't normally be checked into source control - it clutters everything up when they change.
  • Default font to sans-serif. It's consistent with the pygame.org homepage, and I just prefer sans-serif.
  • Tweaked the header to feel lighter. Before & after picture
  • For some reason, the title on the front page was duplicated. I've worked round this, but in a very ugly way. I couldn't find the real cause of the problem.

We can pull these changes apart if you want to accept just some of them.

Comments (3)

  1. René Dudfield

    Nice one!

    Are the html docs still installed with the various installers? Usually the documentation is installed, but if the documentation is not built, I'm not sure it will get included. The other factor is that people need to have all the documentation building libraries installed to view the docs. Maybe not such a big deal though. Since 95% of people view the docs online I reckon. Also, we could add "check in built html documentation before release" to the release steps if needed.