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#29 Open
pygame - small mac fix

Mac SDL library fix

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hg update 50ca5dd0191b
hg pull -r default https://bitbucket.org/Machtan/pygame-small-mac-fix
# Note: This will create a new head!
hg merge c66b8f945e5d
hg commit -m 'Merged in Machtan/pygame-small-mac-fix (pull request #29)'
  1. Jakob Lautrup Nysom

Added a change so that mac either uses local SDL libraries, or ones from a framework file. This should remove PyObjC warning about it not knowing which SDL lib to use, that appeared when some dependencies were found in /usr/local/lib and some in /Library/Frameworks/SDL.framework (due to local libs being checked before frameworks). Now it first checks for local libs, but falls back on only using the framework if any of these dependencies fail. ( I apologize if the code might be a little bit messy ).

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Comments (1)

  1. René Dudfield


    I'm a bit frightened of this pull request, because I have to do a lot of testing to see if this works. Or if this is how we want it to work.

    However, I need to do this testing.

    We should consider these systems, to see if it has any effect on them.

    • homebrew
    • macports
    • fink