Build alsa-lib ourselves in docker base images for Linux wheels

#77 Merged at d312e92
  1. Thomas Kluyver

This means that the Linux wheels bundle a newer version of the ALSA client library (libasound).

Closes issue #327

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  • Issues #327: Can't use pygame midi on linux, python3 closed

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    1. Thomas Kluyver author

      Is there anything further you'd like me to do or try to check with this before merging? I don't know much about the implications, e.g. whether a newer version of the ALSA client library could be incompatible with an older ALSA driver.

      I suspect that there's a smarter way of making it use the newly compiled library than just removing and replacing the old file, but I don't know what that is.

      1. René Dudfield

        I could look into it if you want. Theoretically the alsa lib is backwards compatible, but there of course some tight bindings to the kernel stuff.

        Maybe we could merge it in, and ask the bug reporter to test it? I can test it on my linux laptop. Of course it's easier if it's already built, and I can install it with pip :)

        1. Thomas Kluyver author

          I've tested it (the 64-bit version) on my laptop, which runs Fedora 25. If alsa-lib is supposed to work with older ALSA drivers, I'd say let's just merge this and see how it goes - as you say, it will be much easier to test once it can be pip-installed.

      1. Thomas Kluyver author

        No problem. On the collaborative projects I usually work on, merging your own PR is usually considered bad practice, so I'm not used to this way of working.