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#define DOC_PYGAMEEXAMPLES "module of example programs"

#define DOC_PYGAMEEXAMPLESALIENSMAIN "pygame.aliens.main(): return None\nplay the full aliens example"

#define DOC_PYGAMEEXAMPLESOLDALIENMAIN "pygame.examples.oldalien.main(): return None\nplay the original aliens example"

#define DOC_PYGAMEEXAMPLESSTARSMAIN "pygame.examples.stars.main(): return None\nrun a simple starfield example"

#define DOC_PYGAMEEXAMPLESCHIMPMAIN "pygame.examples.chimp.main(): return None\nhit the moving chimp"

#define DOC_PYGAMEEXAMPLESMOVEITMAIN "pygame.examples.moveit.main(): return None\ndisplay animated objects on the screen"

#define DOC_PYGAMEEXAMPLESFONTYMAIN "pygame.examples.fonty.main(): return None\nrun a font rendering example"

#define DOC_PYGAMEEXAMPLESVGRADEMAIN "pygame.examples.vgrade.main(): return None\ndisplay a vertical gradient"

#define DOC_PYGAMEEXAMPLESEVENTLISTMAIN "pygame.examples.eventlist.main(): return None\ndisplay pygame events"

#define DOC_PYGAMEEXAMPLESARRAYDEMOMAIN "pygame.examples.arraydemo.main(arraytype=None): return None\nshow various surfarray effects"

#define DOC_PYGAMEEXAMPLESSOUNDMAIN "pygame.examples.sound.main(file_path=None): return None\nload and play a sound"

#define DOC_PYGAMEEXAMPLESSOUNDARRAYDEMOSMAIN "pygame.examples.sound_array_demos.main(arraytype=None): return None\nplay various sndarray effects"

#define DOC_PYGAMEEXAMPLESLIQUIDMAIN "pygame.examples.liquid.main(): return None\ndisplay an animated liquid effect"

#define DOC_PYGAMEEXAMPLESGLCUBEMAIN "pygame.examples.glcube.main(): return None\ndisplay an animated 3D cube using OpenGL"

#define DOC_PYGAMEEXAMPLESSCRAPCLIPBOARDMAIN "pygame.examples.scrap_clipboard.main(): return None\naccess the clipboard"

#define DOC_PYGAMEEXAMPLESMASKMAIN "pygame.examples.mask.main(*args): return None\ndisplay multiple images bounce off each other using collision detection"

#define DOC_PYGAMEEXAMPLESTESTSPRITEMAIN "pygame.examples.testsprite.main(update_rects = True, use_static = False, use_FastRenderGroup = False, screen_dims = [640, 480], use_alpha = False, flags = 0): return None\nshow lots of sprites moving around"

#define DOC_PYGAMEEXAMPLESHEADLESSNOWINDOWSNEEDEDMAIN "pygame.examples.headless_no_windows_needed.main(fin, fout, w, h): return None\nwrite an image file that is smoothscaled copy of an input file"

#define DOC_PYGAMEEXAMPLESFASTEVENTSMAIN "pygame.examples.fastevents.main(): return None\nstress test the fastevents module"

#define DOC_PYGAMEEXAMPLESOVERLAYMAIN "pygame.examples.overlay.main(fname): return None\nplay a .pgm video using overlays"

#define DOC_PYGAMEEXAMPLESBLENDFILLMAIN "pygame.examples.blend_fill.main(): return None\ndemonstrate the various surface.fill method blend options"

#define DOC_PYGAMEEXAMPLESCURSORSMAIN "pygame.examples.cursors.main(): return None\ndisplay two different custom cursors"

#define DOC_PYGAMEEXAMPLESPIXELARRAYMAIN "pygame.examples.pixelarray.main(): return None\ndisplay various pixelarray generated effects"

#define DOC_PYGAMEEXAMPLESSCALETESTMAIN "pygame.examples.scaletest.main(imagefile, convert_alpha=False, run_speed_test=True): return None\ninteractively scale an image using smoothscale"

#define DOC_PYGAMEEXAMPLESMIDIMAIN "pygame.examples.midi.main(mode='output', device_id=None): return None\nrun a midi example"

#define DOC_PYGAMEEXAMPLESSCROLLMAIN "pygame.examples.scroll.main(image_file=None): return None\nrun a Surface.scroll example that shows a magnified image"

#define DOC_PYGAMEEXAMPLESMOVIEPLAYERMAIN "pygame.examples.moveplayer.main(filepath): return None\nplay an MPEG movie"

/* Docs in a comments... slightly easier to read. */


 module of example programs

 pygame.aliens.main(): return None
play the full aliens example

 pygame.examples.oldalien.main(): return None
play the original aliens example

 pygame.examples.stars.main(): return None
run a simple starfield example

 pygame.examples.chimp.main(): return None
hit the moving chimp

 pygame.examples.moveit.main(): return None
display animated objects on the screen

 pygame.examples.fonty.main(): return None
run a font rendering example

 pygame.examples.vgrade.main(): return None
display a vertical gradient

 pygame.examples.eventlist.main(): return None
display pygame events

 pygame.examples.arraydemo.main(arraytype=None): return None
show various surfarray effects

 pygame.examples.sound.main(file_path=None): return None
load and play a sound

 pygame.examples.sound_array_demos.main(arraytype=None): return None
play various sndarray effects

 pygame.examples.liquid.main(): return None
display an animated liquid effect

 pygame.examples.glcube.main(): return None
display an animated 3D cube using OpenGL

 pygame.examples.scrap_clipboard.main(): return None
access the clipboard

 pygame.examples.mask.main(*args): return None
display multiple images bounce off each other using collision detection

 pygame.examples.testsprite.main(update_rects = True, use_static = False, use_FastRenderGroup = False, screen_dims = [640, 480], use_alpha = False, flags = 0): return None
show lots of sprites moving around

 pygame.examples.headless_no_windows_needed.main(fin, fout, w, h): return None
write an image file that is smoothscaled copy of an input file

 pygame.examples.fastevents.main(): return None
stress test the fastevents module

 pygame.examples.overlay.main(fname): return None
play a .pgm video using overlays

 pygame.examples.blend_fill.main(): return None
demonstrate the various surface.fill method blend options

 pygame.examples.cursors.main(): return None
display two different custom cursors

 pygame.examples.pixelarray.main(): return None
display various pixelarray generated effects

 pygame.examples.scaletest.main(imagefile, convert_alpha=False, run_speed_test=True): return None
interactively scale an image using smoothscale

 pygame.examples.midi.main(mode='output', device_id=None): return None
run a midi example

 pygame.examples.scroll.main(image_file=None): return None
run a Surface.scroll example that shows a magnified image

 pygame.examples.moveplayer.main(filepath): return None
play an MPEG movie

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