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/* Auto generated file: with .  Docs go in src/ *.doc . */
#define DOC_PYGAMEMIXERMUSIC "pygame module for controlling streamed audio"

#define DOC_PYGAMEMIXERMUSICLOAD " return None\ return None\nLoad a music file for playback"

#define DOC_PYGAMEMIXERMUSICPLAY ", start=0.0): return None\nStart the playback of the music stream"

#define DOC_PYGAMEMIXERMUSICREWIND " return None\nrestart music"

#define DOC_PYGAMEMIXERMUSICSTOP " return None\nstop the music playback"

#define DOC_PYGAMEMIXERMUSICPAUSE " return None\ntemporarily stop music playback"

#define DOC_PYGAMEMIXERMUSICUNPAUSE " return None\nresume paused music"

#define DOC_PYGAMEMIXERMUSICFADEOUT " return None\nstop music playback after fading out"

#define DOC_PYGAMEMIXERMUSICSETVOLUME " return None\nset the music volume"

#define DOC_PYGAMEMIXERMUSICGETVOLUME " return value\nget the music volume"

#define DOC_PYGAMEMIXERMUSICGETBUSY " return bool\ncheck if the music stream is playing"

#define DOC_PYGAMEMIXERMUSICGETPOS " return time\nget the music play time"

#define DOC_PYGAMEMIXERMUSICQUEUE " return None\nqueue a music file to follow the current"

#define DOC_PYGAMEMIXERMUSICSETENDEVENT " return None\ return None\nhave the music send an event when playback stops"

#define DOC_PYGAMEMIXERMUSICGETENDEVENT " return type\nget the event a channel sends when playback stops"

/* Docs in a comments... slightly easier to read. */

 pygame module for controlling streamed audio return None return None
Load a music file for playback, start=0.0): return None
Start the playback of the music stream return None
restart music return None
stop the music playback return None
temporarily stop music playback return None
resume paused music return None
stop music playback after fading out return None
set the music volume return value
get the music volume return bool
check if the music stream is playing return time
get the music play time return None
queue a music file to follow the current return None return None
have the music send an event when playback stops return type
get the event a channel sends when playback stops