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pygame / src / doc / overlay_doc.h

/* Auto generated file: with makeref.py .  Docs go in src/ *.doc . */
#define DOC_PYGAMEOVERLAY "pygame.Overlay(format, (width, height)): return Overlay\npygame object for video overlay graphics"

#define DOC_OVERLAYDISPLAY "Overlay.display((y, u, v)): return None\nOverlay.display(): return None\nset the overlay pixel data"

#define DOC_OVERLAYSETLOCATION "Overlay.set_location(rect): return None\ncontrol where the overlay is displayed"

#define DOC_OVERLAYGETHARDWARE "Overlay.get_hardware(rect): return int\ntest if the Overlay is hardware accelerated"

/* Docs in a comments... slightly easier to read. */


 pygame.Overlay(format, (width, height)): return Overlay
pygame object for video overlay graphics

 Overlay.display((y, u, v)): return None
Overlay.display(): return None
set the overlay pixel data

 Overlay.set_location(rect): return None
control where the overlay is displayed

 Overlay.get_hardware(rect): return int
test if the Overlay is hardware accelerated