pygame / MakePrebuilt71.bat

@echo off
rem Make the prebuilt package from the libraries built with
rem Takes one optional argument, the
rem name of the output directory.
rem This batch file needs python.exe, pexports.exe
rem (found in altbinutils-pe at SourceForge,
rem and
rem Visual C's VCVARS32.BAT in the executables search path.
rem Otherwise run first, then the batch
rem files MakeDefs.bat and MakeLibs.bat afterward.

python.exe %1
if errorlevel 1 goto done
if "%1"=="" goto useprebuilt
copy /Y prebuilt-template\readme71.html "%1\readme.html"
cd "%1"
goto domake
copy /Y prebuilt-template\readme71.html prebuilt\readme.html
cd prebuilt
cd lib
CALL Make32.bat
cd ..\..
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