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pygame / TODO

The core modules of pygame are becoming pretty solid. With this
0.5 release things are quickly approaching the 1.0 mark. After
this I'm planning to release pygame 0.9 when SDL reaches version
1.2. (this should happen around end of January). Pygame 0.9 will
be a release candidate quickly followed by the real 1.0 release.

At the point it will help to look at pygame as if it were a 1.0
release and see where it falls short. There's not too much more
functionality going in before we move along to 1.0. The cursors
module will get a bit of attention though.

At some point it would be nice to add support for more external
python libraries, here are some ideas

 * Support for OpenGL (initial testing not so good)
 * Support for Piddle (drawing lines, shapes, text)
 * Surfarray with alpha and colormap support
 * Interface with PIL images
 * GUI library. There's a few out there
 * Simple image transforms; flip, rotate-90, double
 * MPEG video playback with smpeg