pygame / docs / fullinstall.txt

Build instructions for building and installing pygame
Jan 5, 2000
pygame is built and installed using the python distutils.

The majority of your work will likely be preparing the
dependencies for pygame. You will obviously need Python 2.0
installed and ready for development work. The only other
requirement is SDL. You should be able to get this compiled
without difficulty. (There is an available devel download
for windows which will suit your needs on that platform).
This is all you'll need for the base pygame installation.
There are extra modules you can use which require other
dependencies like Numeric Python and many of the SDL
daughter libraries, like SDL_image and SDL_ttf.

If installing under Windows without a compiler, or without
needing any of the pygame dependencies. You can download
the Windows Precompiled Binaries Release.

Also, you can download just the pygame dependencies precompiled.
Download from the URL and extract into your pygame folder.
The script will find these prebuilt binaries and ask
if you would like to use them.

You control the compilation of pygame with the "Setup"
file. The default Setup file is named "". The
file uses basic cross-compiler flags to configure pygame.

The pygame installation also comes with a ""
script. This will create a Setup file based on the different
setting of your platform. This should have little difficulty
building you a proper "Setup" file to compile with.

Once you are reasonably pleased with your "Setup" file, it's
time to build and install with distutils. This is all handled
with the "" script. Most users will be able to issue
the command "python install" and distutils will build
and install everything you need.

On windows, distutils will copy the needed dependency DLL's
it finds and place them in the final pygame installation folder.
This should happen automatically. If you get missing DLL errors
when importing the different pygame modules, it is likely python
cannot find the needed dependency libraries. You will want to
hand-copy the needed DLLs to somewhere on your windows path or
into the installed pygame package directory.

On unix, you will likely need to be root to install the
library. The installation needs to create directories in
the python include and site directories. Distutils offers
flags to control where pygame will be installed.

Assuming no errors stopped the install, you are good to go.
Head to the examples directory and start trying things out.

If you do have problems compiling, first check the error. It
is likely a problem with your Setup file. If you get errors
while running the config script, you may have to finish editing
the Setup file by hand. (which is well commented and pretty simple)

Pete Shinners