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:mod:`pygame2.examples` -- examples for Pygame2

Examples package for Pygame2.

This package contains code snippets demonstrating the aspects of the various Pygame2 modules. Each example is an module of its own and can be easily executed using

python -m pygame2.examples.<module>.<example>

To run the drawing pygame2.sdlext example, you would type

python -m pygame2.examples.sdlext.draw

Currently the following examples exists:

Example Description
pygame2.examples.import Simple import example for all Pygame2 modules.
pygame2.examples.py2exe_setup Win32 standalone executable creation example using Pygame2.
pygame2.examples.physics.simple Simple physics example
pygame2.examples.sdl.cdrom Demonstrates the features of the :mod:`pygame2.sdl.cdrom` module.
pygame2.examples.sdl.hello_world The almighty "Hello World" example using the :mod:`pygame2.sdl` module.
pygame2.examples.sdl.keyboard Demonstrates keyboard input and event handling for the :mod:`pygame2.sdl.keyboard` module.
pygame2.examples.sdl.mouse Demonstrates mouse input and event handling for the :mod:`pygame2.sdl.mouse` module.
pygame2.examples.sdl.surface_blit Demonstrates supported blitting operations for :class:`` objects.
pygame2.examples.sdl.surface_fill Demonstrates supported filling operations for :class:`` objects.
pygame2.examples.sdlext.draw Demonstrates the features of the :mod:`pygame2.sdlext.draw` module.
pygame2.examples.sdlext.pixelarray Demonstrates the features of the :class:`pygame2.sdlext.PixelArray` class.