pygame / test / util /

import os, sys

    import StringIO
except ImportError:
    import io as StringIO

"""Utility functions for the tests."""

def redirect_output ():
    """Redirects stderr and stdout into own streams."""
    yield sys.stderr, sys.stdout
    sys.stderr, sys.stdout = StringIO.StringIO(), StringIO.StringIO()
    yield sys.stderr, sys.stdout
def restore_output (err, out):
    """Restores stderr and stdout using the passed streams."""
    sys.stderr, sys.stdout = err, out

class StreamOutput (object):
    def __init__ (self, stream): = stream
        self.startoffset = ()
        self.curoffset = 0

    def writeline (self, data=None):
        if data:
   (data) (os.linesep)
        if data:
            self.curoffset = len (data)
            self.curoffset = 0 ()

    def write (self, data): (data)
        self.curoffset = len (data) ()

    def writesame (self, data):
        overhang = self.curoffset - len (data)
        if overhang > 0:
   ("%s %s\r" % (data, " " * overhang))
   ("%s\r" % data)
        self.curoffset = len (data) ()
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