pygame / install.txt

More complete installation instructions are available in the docs directory.

Note that basic installation requires at least Python 2.0 and SDL-1.1.5 to
be installed. The latest version of each is recommended. Support for extra
SDL daughter libraries is optional, but also recommended.

The basic way to get pygame compiled and installed is to run the included
"" script. This will do a reasonably automated config for your
platform type. eventually this will create a customized copy of the ""
file, named "Setup". It is also easy to make your own copy of ""
and edit by hand.

On Windows systems, it is usually easiest to download the precompiled
binaries for all the pygame dependencies. This download will come with
its own "Setup" file that you will want to use.

On Unix systems, the Setup file will be configured for the SDL dependency,
but other dependencies may need more work. There is a chance the Setup will
work as-is if all dependencies have been installed similarly. Otherwise
configure the dependencies by hand and comment out the optional modules
which you don't have dependencies for.

Once your "Setup" file is created, you need to run distutils. This is done
by the command, "python install". This will (hopefully) compile and
install all available pygame modules.

From here either head to the more complete installation instructions in the
docs directory. Or, if no errors, head to the examples directory to
see everything working. The only demo that requires no optional libraries
is the "" example.

Pete Shinners