pygame / doc / src / sdlextfont.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE module SYSTEM "api.dtd">

<module name="pygame2.sdlext.font">
  <short>Enhanced font rendering for SDL-based surfaces</short>
    Enhanced and specialised font rendering classes and functions for
    SDL-based surfaces.

  <class name="BitmapFont">
    <constructor>BitmapFont (surface, size, mapping=None) -> BitmapFont</constructor>
    <desc>Creates a BitmapFont suitable for bitmap to character mappings.
    The BitmapFont class uses an image surface to find and render font
    character glyphs for text. It requires a * mapping* table, which
    denotes the characters available on the image.

    The *mapping* table is a list of strings, where each string reflects a
    'line' of characters on the image. Each character within each line
    has the same size as specified by the size argument.

    A typical mapping table might look like ::

      [ '0123456789',
        'UVWXYZ    ',
        'uvwxyz    ',
        ',;.:!?+-()' ]
    <method name="can_render">
      <call>can_render (text) -> bool</call>
        Checks, whether all characters in the passed text can be rendered.
    <method name="contains">
      <call>contains (c) -> bool</call>
        Checks, whether a certain character exists in the font.
    <method name="render_on">
      <call>render_on (surface, text, offset=(0, 0)) -> Rect</call>
        Renders a text on the passed surface, starting at offset.

        Renders a *text* on the existing *surface* . The top-left start
        position of the *text* will be the passed *offset* and a
        :class:`pygame2.Rect` with the changed area will be
    <method name="render">
      <call>render (text) -> Surface</call>
        Renders the passed *text* on a new
        :class:`` and returns it.
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