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These are special versions of the Setup.in and lib/__init__.py files for 
building Pygame with Python 3.x. For now only a limited version of 
Pygame is provided. Just replace the existing Setup.in and 
lib/__init__.py files with these, then run "python config.py" and 
"python setup.py ..." as usual.

The build will generate some error messages on install, and not all 
installed modules or programs will work. But the following modules do: 
display, image, mixer, mixer.music, transform, gfxdraw, font, event, key 
and sprites. The Surface, Rect and Color types are also available. The 
following example programs have also been ported: aliens.py, chimp.py, 
stars.py, fonty.py and scaletest.py.

May 1, 2009