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pygame / config.py

#!/usr/bin/env python

"""Quick tool to help setup the needed paths and flags
in your Setup file. This will call the appropriate sub-config
scripts automatically.

each platform config file only needs a "main" routine
that returns a list of instances. the instances must
contain the following variables. 
name: name of the dependency, as references in Setup (SDL, FONT, etc)
inc_dir: path to include
lib_dir: library directory
lib: name of library to be linked to
found: true if the dep is available
cflags: extra compile flags

import sys, os, shutil

if sys.version_info[0] < 2:
    raise SystemExit, """Pygame requires python 2.0 or higher"""

if sys.platform == 'win32':
    print 'Using WINDOWS configuration...\n'
    import config_win as CFG
    print 'Using UNIX configuration...\n'
    import config_unix as CFG

def confirm(message):
    "ask a yes/no question, return result"
    reply = raw_input('\n' + message + ' [y/N]:')
    if reply and reply[0].lower() == 'y':
        return 1
    return 0

#hmm, findbasepath is failing on irix, we'll avoid it for now
def findbasepath(deps):
    "find a common prefix in all paths"
    allpaths = []
    for d in deps:
        if d.found:
    basepath = os.path.commonprefix(allpaths)
    lastslash = basepath.rfind('/')
    if(lastslash < 3 or len(basepath) < 3):
        basepath = ""
        basepath = basepath[:lastslash]
    return basepath    

def prepdep(dep, basepath):
    "add some vars to a dep"
    dep.line = dep.name + ' = -l' + dep.lib
    dep.varname = '$('+dep.name+')'
    if not dep.found:
        if dep.name == 'SDL': #fudge if this is unfound SDL
            dep.line = 'SDL = -I/NEED_INC_PATH_FIX -L/NEED_LIB_PATH_FIX -lSDL'
            dep.varname = '$('+dep.name+')'
            dep.found = 1

    inc = lid = lib = ""
    if basepath:
        if dep.inc_dir: inc = ' -I$(BASE)'+dep.inc_dir[len(basepath):]
        if dep.lib_dir: lid = ' -L$(BASE)'+dep.lib_dir[len(basepath):]
        if dep.inc_dir: inc = ' -I' + dep.inc_dir
        if dep.lib_dir: lid = ' -L' + dep.lib_dir
    if dep.lib: lib = ' -l'+dep.lib
    dep.line = dep.name+' =' + inc + lid + ' ' + dep.cflags + lib

def writesetupfile(deps, basepath):
    "create a modified copy of Setup.in"
    origsetup = open('Setup.in', 'r')
    newsetup = open('Setup', 'w')
    line = ''
    while line.find('#--StartConfig') == -1:
        line = origsetup.readline()
    while line.find('#--EndConfig') == -1:
        line = origsetup.readline()

    if basepath:
        newsetup.write('BASE = ' + basepath + '\n')
    for d in deps:
        newsetup.write(d.line + '\n')

    while line:
        line = origsetup.readline()
        useit = 1
        for d in deps:
            if line.find(d.varname)!=-1 and not d.found:
                useit = 0
        if useit:          

def main():
    if os.path.isfile('Setup'):
        if confirm('Backup existing "Setup" file'):
            shutil.copyfile('Setup', 'Setup.bak')
    if os.path.isdir('build'):
        if confirm('Remove old build directory (force recompile)'):
            shutil.rmtree('build', 0)

    deps = CFG.main()
    if deps:
        basepath = None  #findbasepath(deps)
        for d in deps:
            prepdep(d, basepath)
        writesetupfile(deps, basepath)

    if os.path.isfile('Setup'):
        print """\nDoublecheck that the new "Setup" file looks correct, then
run "python setup.py install" to build and install pygame."""
        print """\nThere was an error creating the Setup file, check for errors
or make a copy of "Setup.in" and edit by hand."""

if __name__ == '__main__': main()