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<h2 align=center>Rect</h2>
The rectangle object is a useful object
representing a rectangle area. Rectangles are
created from the pygame.rect() function. This routine
is also in the locals module, so importing the locals
into your namespace allows you to just use rect().
Rect contains helpful methods, as well as a list of
modifiable members:
top, bottom, left, right, topleft, topright,
bottomleft, bottomright, size, width, height,
center, centerx, centery. When changing these
members, the rectangle will be moved to the given
assignment. (except when changing the size, width,
or height member, which will resize the rectangle
around the center).
The rectstyle arguments used frequently with the
Rect object (and elsewhere in pygame) is one of
the following things. First, an actual Rect
object. Second, a sequence of [xpos, ypos, width,
height]. Lastly, a pair of sequences, representing
the position and size [[xpos, ypos], [width,
height]]. Also, if a method takes a rectstyle
argument as its only argument, you can simply pass
four arguments representing xpos, ypos, width,


<tr><td><a href=#clamp>clamp</a></td><td> -
move rectangle inside another</td></tr>

<tr><td><a href=#clip>clip</a></td><td> -
rectangle cropped inside another</td></tr>

<tr><td><a href=#collidepoint>collidepoint</a></td><td> -
point inside rectangle</td></tr>

<tr><td><a href=#colliderect>colliderect</a></td><td> -
check overlapping rectangles</td></tr>

<tr><td><a href=#colliderect>colliderect</a></td><td> -
find overlapping rectangle</td></tr>

<tr><td><a href=#colliderectall>colliderectall</a></td><td> -
find all overlapping rectangles</td></tr>

<tr><td><a href=#contains>contains</a></td><td> -
check if rectangle fully inside another</td></tr>

<tr><td><a href=#inflate>inflate</a></td><td> -
new rectangle with size changed</td></tr>

<tr><td><a href=#move>move</a></td><td> -
new rectangle with position changed</td></tr>

<tr><td><a href=#normalize>normalize</a></td><td> -
corrects negative sizes</td></tr>

<tr><td><a href=#union>union</a></td><td> -
rectangle covering both input</td></tr>



<a name=clamp><font size=+2><b>clamp
</b></font><br><font size=+1><tt>
Rect.clamp(rectstyle) -> Rect
Returns a new rectangle that is moved to be
completely inside the base rectangle. If the given
rectangle is too large for the base rectangle in
an axis, it will be centered on that axis.

<a name=clip><font size=+2><b>clip
</b></font><br><font size=+1><tt>
Rect.clip(rectstyle) -> Rect
Returns a new rectangle that is the given
rectangle cropped to the inside of the base
rectangle. If the two rectangles do not overlap to
begin with, you will get a rectangle with 0 size.

<a name=collidepoint><font size=+2><b>collidepoint
</b></font><br><font size=+1><tt>
Rect.collidepoint(x, y) -> bool
Returns true if the given point position is inside
the rectangle. If a point is on the border, it is
counted as inside.

<a name=colliderect><font size=+2><b>colliderect
</b></font><br><font size=+1><tt>
Rect.colliderect(rectstyle) -> bool
Returns true if any area of the two rectangles
overlaps. If rectangles only share an edge, they
will be counted as overlapping.

<a name=colliderect><font size=+2><b>colliderect
</b></font><br><font size=+1><tt>
Rect.colliderect(rectstyle list) -> int index
Returns the index of the first rectangle in the
list to overlap the base rectangle. Once an
overlap is found, this will stop checking the
remaining list. If no overlap is found, it will
return -1.

<a name=colliderectall><font size=+2><b>colliderectall
</b></font><br><font size=+1><tt>
Rect.colliderectall(rectstyle list) -> int index
Returns a list of the indexes that contain
rectangles overlapping the base rectangle. If no
overlap is found, it will return an empty

<a name=contains><font size=+2><b>contains
</b></font><br><font size=+1><tt>
Rect.contains(rectstyle) -> bool
Returns true when the given rectangle is entirely
inside the base rectangle.

<a name=inflate><font size=+2><b>inflate
</b></font><br><font size=+1><tt>
Rect.inflate(x, y) -> Rect
Returns a new rectangle which has the sizes
changed by the given amounts. The rectangle
shrinks and expands around the rectangle's center.
Negative values will shrink the rectangle.

<a name=move><font size=+2><b>move
</b></font><br><font size=+1><tt>
Rect.move(x, y) -> Rect
Returns a new rectangle which is the base
rectangle moved by the given amount.

<a name=normalize><font size=+2><b>normalize
</b></font><br><font size=+1><tt>
Rect.normalize() -> None
If the rectangle has a a negative size in width or
height, this will flip that axis so the sizes are
positive, and the rectangle remains in the same

<a name=union><font size=+2><b>union
</b></font><br><font size=+1><tt>
Rect.union(rectstyle) -> Rect
Returns a new rectangle that completely covers the
given inputs. There may be area inside the new
rectangle that is not covered by the inputs.