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pygame / src / doc / image_doc.h

/* Auto generated file: with makeref.py .  Docs go in src/ *.doc . */
#define DOC_PYGAMEIMAGE "pygame module for image transfer"

#define DOC_PYGAMEIMAGELOAD "load(filename) -> Surface\nload(fileobj, namehint="") -> Surface\nload new image from a file"

#define DOC_PYGAMEIMAGESAVE "save(Surface, filename) -> None\nsave an image to disk"

#define DOC_PYGAMEIMAGEGETEXTENDED "get_extended() -> bool\ntest if extended image formats can be loaded"

#define DOC_PYGAMEIMAGETOSTRING "tostring(Surface, format, flipped=False) -> string\ntransfer image to string buffer"

#define DOC_PYGAMEIMAGEFROMSTRING "fromstring(string, size, format, flipped=False) -> Surface\ncreate new Surface from a string buffer"

#define DOC_PYGAMEIMAGEFROMBUFFER "frombuffer(string, size, format) -> Surface\ncreate a new Surface that shares data inside a string buffer"

/* Docs in a comment... slightly easier to read. */


pygame module for image transfer

 load(filename) -> Surface
 load(fileobj, namehint="") -> Surface
load new image from a file

 save(Surface, filename) -> None
save an image to disk

 get_extended() -> bool
test if extended image formats can be loaded

 tostring(Surface, format, flipped=False) -> string
transfer image to string buffer

 fromstring(string, size, format, flipped=False) -> Surface
create new Surface from a string buffer

 frombuffer(string, size, format) -> Surface
create a new Surface that shares data inside a string buffer