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pygame / symbian / changes_for_symbian.txt

== Changes required to port pygame for Series 60 ==

This file is an attempt to keep track of what has been changed
and why to make pygame reality on PyS60.

== Changes for extension modules ==

The extension module names have been renamed. On PC the native extensions 
can be put under pygame directory, but on Symbian this is not possible. 
All native extensions must be placed under sys\bin directory. 

The extensions are built-in to a single library to avoid polluting the 
sys\bin directory with over 10 new dlls. The modules are set as built-in modules
at application startup.

The names of the extensions were changed to pygame_<extension>. A python wrappers 
are used( see symbian/lib ) to simply import all attributes of the native extension 
to keep the pygame API the same.

To handle the pygame_ prefix, a new preprocessor definition MODPREFIX is defined
in pygame.h. It is defined as empty string by default and set to "pygame_" for

Jussi Toivola