pygame / src / doc / cursors_doc.h

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#define DOC_PYGAMECURSORS "pygame module for cursor resources"

#define DOC_PYGAMECURSORSCOMPILE "compile(strings, black='X', white='.', xor='o') -> data, mask\ncreate binary cursor data from simple strings"

#define DOC_PYGAMECURSORSLOADXBM "load_xbm(cursorfile) -> cursor_args\nload_xbm(cursorfile, maskfile) -> cursor_args\nload cursor data from an xbm file"

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pygame module for cursor resources

 compile(strings, black='X', white='.', xor='o') -> data, mask
create binary cursor data from simple strings

 load_xbm(cursorfile) -> cursor_args
 load_xbm(cursorfile, maskfile) -> cursor_args
load cursor data from an xbm file