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== Instructions to build pygame for PyS60. ==

Basic requirements:
- S60 3rd or 5th ed. SDK 
- SVN client

=== Getting necessary libraries ===

Create symbian/deps directory

Get ogg to symbian/deps/ogg
- IMPORTANT: Revision 7524
- SVN: 

Get vorbis to symbian/deps/vorbis
- IMPORTANT: Revision 7543
- SVN:

Get SDL for Series60
- Available at:
- Follow the instructions and copy the pathced SDL S60 folder to symbian/deps/SDL

Get SDL_mixer to symbian/deps/SDL_mixer

Get SDL_ttf to symbian/deps/SDL_ttf

Get Symbian FreeType2 port to symbian/deps/sft2
- SVN:

=== Building ===

- The build scripts use SCons for Symbian. 
-- Follow the installation instructions

- Go to pygame/symbian directory and invoke 'scons'

=== Misc info ===

pygame library
- The pygame is implemented as static library to be statically linked to pygame application.

About selecting Python:
- You can select the python.dll to link against by giving scons parameter 'pythondll' 
- ex. scons pythondll=Python222
- default is "pygame_python"