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<title>Pygame Documentation</title>
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	<a href=http://pygame.seul.org>Home</a> &nbsp;||&nbsp;
	<a href=index.html>Help Contents</a> &nbsp;||

|| <a href=ref/CD.html>CD</a> || 
<a href=ref/Channel.html>Channel</a> || 
<a href=ref/Font.html>Font</a> || 
<a href=ref/Joystick.html>Joystick</a> || 
<a href=ref/Rect.html>Rect</a> || 
<a href=ref/Sound.html>Sound</a> || 
<a href=ref/Surface.html>Surface</a> ||<br>
|| <a href=ref/pygame.html>pygame</a> || 
<a href=ref/pygame_cdrom.html>cdrom</a> || 
<a href=ref/pygame_constants.html>constants</a> || 
<a href=ref/pygame_display.html>display</a> || 
<a href=ref/pygame_event.html>event</a> || 
<a href=ref/pygame_font.html>font</a> || 
<a href=ref/pygame_image.html>image</a> ||<br>
|| <a href=ref/pygame_joystick.html>joystick</a> || 
<a href=ref/pygame_key.html>key</a> || 
<a href=ref/pygame_mixer.html>mixer</a> || 
<a href=ref/pygame_mixer_music.html>mixer_music</a> || 
<a href=ref/pygame_mouse.html>mouse</a> || 
<a href=ref/pygame_surfarray.html>surfarray</a> || 
<a href=ref/pygame_time.html>time</a> ||<br>

<h2 align=center>Pygame Documentation</h2>



The pygame documentation is broken into several parts. First there is
the reference docs. These are automatically generated from the pygame
sources. They have the most up to date information about each function
and module.<br>
There is also the set of tutorials, which is currently slim, but in
the process of expanding. The navigation links on the top of this page
should be enough to get you comfortable around the site. The list of
tutorials is offered below.<br>


<font size=+1><b>Text File Documentation</b></font><br><li><a href=fullinstall.txt>fullinstall</a> - Build instructions for building and installing pygame
<li><a href=init.txt>init</a> - Information about importing and initializing pygame
</li><br>&nbsp;<br><font size=+1><b>Tutorials</b></font><br><li><a href=tut/ChimpLineByLine.html>tut/ChimpLineByLine</a> - Line by Line Descriptions of the Chimp Example
<li><a href=tut/DisplayModes.html>tut/DisplayModes</a> - Choosing and Configuring Display Modes