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pygame / Setup.in

#This Setup file is used by the setup.py script to configure the
#python extensions. You will likely use the "config.py" which will
#build a correct Setup file for you based on your system settings.
#If not, the format is simple enough to edit by hand. First change
#the needed commandline flags for each dependency, then comment out
#any unavailable optional modules in the first optional section.

SDL = -I/usr/include/SDL -D_REENTRANT -lSDL
FONT = -lSDL_ttf
IMAGE = -lSDL_image
MIXER = -lSDL_mixer
SMPEG = -lsmpeg
PNG = -lpng
JPEG = -ljpeg
SCRAP = -lX11
COPYLIB_SDL -lSDL -Lprebuilt/lib/SDL.dll
COPYLIB_FONT -lSDL_ttf -Lprebuilt/lib/SDL_ttf.dll
COPYLIB_IMAGE -lSDL_image -Lprebuilt/lib/SDL_image.dll
COPYLIB_MIXER -lSDL_mixer -Lprebuilt/lib/SDL_mixer.dll
COPYLIB_SMPEG -lsmpeg -Lprebuilt/lib/smpeg.dll
COPYLIB_TIFF -ltiff -Lprebuilt/lib/libtiff.dll
COPYLIB_PNG -lpng -Lprebuilt/lib/libpng13.dll
COPYLIB_JPEG -ljpeg -Lprebuilt/lib/jpeg.dll
COPYLIB_Z -lz -Lprebuilt/lib/zlib1.dll
COPYLIB_VORBISFILE -lvorbisfile -Lprebuilt/lib/libvorbisfile-3.dll
COPYLIB_VORBIS -lvorbis -Lprebuilt/lib/libvorbis-0.dll
COPYLIB_OGG -logg -Lprebuilt/lib/libogg-0.dll

#DEBUG = -C-W -C-Wall

#the following modules are optional. you will want to compile
#everything you can, but you can ignore ones you don't have
#dependencies for, just comment them out

imageext src/imageext.c $(SDL) $(IMAGE) $(PNG) $(JPEG) $(DEBUG)
font src/font.c $(SDL) $(FONT) $(DEBUG)
mixer src/mixer.c $(SDL) $(MIXER) $(DEBUG)
mixer_music src/music.c $(SDL) $(MIXER) $(DEBUG)
_numericsurfarray src/_numericsurfarray.c $(SDL) $(DEBUG)
_numericsndarray src/_numericsndarray.c $(SDL) $(MIXER) $(DEBUG)
movie src/movie.c $(SDL) $(SMPEG) $(DEBUG)
scrap src/scrap.c $(SDL) $(SCRAP) $(DEBUG)

#experimental new movie movie. requires libavcodec and libavformat.
#add any necessary compile flags to this line and uncomment.
#movieext src/movie.c  src/ffmovie.c $(SDL) -lavcodec -lavformat

#these modules are required for pygame to run. they only require
#SDL as a dependency. these should not be altered

base src/base.c $(SDL) $(DEBUG)
cdrom src/cdrom.c $(SDL) $(DEBUG)
constants src/constants.c $(SDL) $(DEBUG)
display src/display.c $(SDL) $(DEBUG)
event src/event.c $(SDL) $(DEBUG)
fastevent src/fastevent.c src/fastevents.c $(SDL) $(DEBUG)
key src/key.c $(SDL) $(DEBUG)
mouse src/mouse.c $(SDL) $(DEBUG)
rect src/rect.c $(SDL) $(DEBUG)
rwobject src/rwobject.c $(SDL) $(DEBUG)
surface src/surface.c src/alphablit.c src/surface_fill.c $(SDL) $(DEBUG)
surflock src/surflock.c $(SDL) $(DEBUG)
time src/time.c $(SDL) $(DEBUG)
joystick src/joystick.c $(SDL) $(DEBUG)
draw src/draw.c $(SDL) $(DEBUG)
image src/image.c $(SDL) $(DEBUG)
overlay src/overlay.c $(SDL) $(DEBUG)
transform src/transform.c src/rotozoom.c src/scale2x.c $(SDL) $(DEBUG)
mask src/mask.c src/bitmask.c $(SDL) $(DEBUG)
bufferproxy src/bufferproxy.c $(SDL) $(DEBUG)
pixelarray src/pixelarray.c $(SDL) $(DEBUG)