pygame / doc / pygame-manual.txt

:author: Alex Holkner
:address: \\\\

:revision: 0.09
:date:  August 2006

:copyright: Copyright (c) 2006 Alex Holkner.




* Python 2.3 or later.
* Requires `ctypes 1.0.0 <>`_.
  This is included in Python 2.5, or can be installed as an extension
  for older versions.
* `SDL 1.2.1 <>`_ or later.

The following libraries are optional but are required for some of Pygame's

* `Python Imaging Library (PIL) <>`_
  is required for some ``pygame.transform`` functions, for saving and
  loading images other than BMP, and speeds up other image functions.
* `SDL_image <>`_ can be used
  in place of PIL for loading some image types.
* `SDL_ttf <>`_ is required for all
  ``pygame.font`` functions.
* `SDL_mixer <>`_ is required for
  all ``pygame.mixer`` functions.

Any of the following array modules can be used for the ``pygame.surfarray``
and ``pygame.sndarray`` functions, and for speeding up some image

* `NumPy <>`_ (recommended)
* `Numeric <>`_ 
* `numarray <>`_

Distributing your Pygame-ctypes game

Using eggs

With this option your distribution will include all
necessary dependencies on Pygame-ctypes, with the exception of the platform
libraries (ctypes, SDL, SDL_ttf, SDL_mixer, SDL_image, PIL).

1. Download `setuptools`_ and copy ```` into your
   game's folder.  Alternatively, you can require that your end-users
   have ``setuptools`` installed.
2. Optionally include ``Pygame_ctypes-0.09-py2.4.egg`` and 
   ``SDL_ctypes-0.09-py2.4.egg`` in your game's folder.  Including these adds
   to the size of your distribution.  If you don't include them they will be
   located on PyPI and downloaded automatically the first time your game is
3. In your game's source code, before you ``import pygame``, add the

        from pkg_resources import require

That's it!  Now bundle the two eggs and ```` with the
rest of your game; it can be run without any installation or fiddling
with ``PYTHONPATH``.

.. _setuptools: