pygame / prebuilt-template /

# Pygame 1.9.0 Windows dependency macros.
SDL = -Iprebuilt/include -Iprebuilt/include/SDL -Lprebuilt/lib -lSDL
FONT = -lSDL_ttf
IMAGE = -lSDL_image
MIXER = -lSDL_mixer
SMPEG = -Iprebuilt/include/smpeg -lsmpeg
PNG = -lpng
JPEG = -ljpeg
FREETYPE = -Iprebuilt/include/freetype2 -lfreetype
TIFF = -ltiff
ZLIB = -lz
VORBISFILE = -lvorbisfile
VORBIS = -Iprebuilt/include/vorbis -lvorbis
OGG = -Iprebuilt/include/ogg -logg
PORTMIDI = -lportmidi
AVFORMAT = -Iprebuilt/include -lavformat -lavcodec -lavutil
SWSCALE = -Iprebuilt/include -lswscale -lavutil
# Ensure includes the ffmpeg headers.
COPYHDRS_AVFORMAT = -lavformat -Iprebuilt/include/libavformat
COPYHDRS_SWCALE = -lswscale -Iprebuilt/include/libswscale
COPYHDRS_AVCODEC = -lavcodec -Iprebuilt/include/libavcodec
COPYHDRS_AVUTIL = -lavutil -Iprebuilt/include/libavutil
# The DLL's
COPYLIB_SDL -Lprebuilt/lib/SDL.dll
COPYLIB_SDL_ttf -lSDL -lfreetype -Lprebuilt/lib/SDL_ttf.dll
COPYLIB_SDL_image -lSDL -ljpef -lpng -ltiff -Lprebuilt/lib/SDL_image.dll
COPYLIB_SDL_mixer -lSDL -lvorbisfile -lsmpeg -Lprebuilt/lib/SDL_mixer.dll
COPYLIB_freetype -lz -Lprebuilt/lib/libfreetype-6.dll
COPYLIB_smpeg -lSDL -Lprebuilt/lib/smpeg.dll
COPYLIB_tiff -ljpeg -lz -Lprebuilt/lib/libtiff-3.dll
COPYLIB_png -lz -Lprebuilt/lib/libpng14.dll
COPYLIB_jpeg -Lprebuilt/lib/libjpeg-8.dll
COPYLIB_z -Lprebuilt/lib/zlib1.dll
COPYLIB_vorbisfile -lvorbis -Lprebuilt/lib/libvorbisfile-3.dll
COPYLIB_vorbis -logg -Lprebuilt/lib/libvorbis-0.dll
COPYLIB_ogg -Lprebuilt/lib/libogg-0.dll
COPYLIB_portmidi -Lprebuilt/lib/portmidi.dll
COPYLIB_avformat -lavcodec -lavutil -Lprebuilt/lib/avformat-52.dll
COPYLIB_swscale -lavutil -Lprebuilt/lib/swscale-0.dll
COPYLIB_avcodec -lavutil -Lprebuilt/lib/avcodec-52.dll
COPYLIB_avutil -Lprebuilt/lib/avutil-50.dll
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