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-NOTE: work in progress on this doc.  Still not sure if the PSF will accept pygame this year.
-* other multi media libraries could be acceptable, not just pygame.  eg pyopengl, pyaudio, etc.
 //The basic idea is students get paid $5000 from google to do an open source project which they propose.//
 Students, please:
 * [[http://pygame.org/wiki/info#Mailing List|Join the Mailing List and speak to us there]]
 * read this for help completing your application [[wiki.python.org/moin/SummerOfCode/Application]]
+//Note: also accepting pyopengl projects.//
 You should also take a look at PSF's GSoC pages for more info:
 = Mentors
-**!!Waiting on confirmation from PSF now.  We have the minimum 3 mentors now, but could always use more.!!**
+**!!We have the minimum 3 mentors now (there are 4), but could always use more people to help out as a co-mentor or backup mentor.!!**
 If you are an interested mentor, please contact us on
 * [[http://pygame.org/wiki/info#Mailing List|Mailing List]]
-* (or renesd AT gmail.com)
-* on twitter... @pygame_org
+* on twitter... @pygame_org