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 Here is the GSOC FAQ from google (check to see if you're eligible):
 #  [[http://www.google-melange.com/document/show/gsoc_program/google/gsoc2012/faqs]]
-=== Interested mentors
+=== The Mentors
-* [[https://twitter.com/#!/kcunning|@kcunning]]  (kcunning in irc)
-* [[https://twitter.com/#!/renedudfield|@renedudfield]] (illume in irc)
-* Mike Fletcher (mcfletch in irc)
+These are the people who will help the students, and give them advice whilst they do their projects.
+* Katie Cunningham [[https://twitter.com/#!/kcunning|@kcunning]]  (kcunning in irc)
+* Rene Dudfield [[https://twitter.com/#!/renedudfield|@renedudfield]] (illume in irc)
+* Mike Fletcher [[http://blog.vrplumber.com/|blog]] (mcfletch in irc)
 * Robert Deaton (masquerade in irc)