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Add sketch of a PyOpenGL related project (port to gles)

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 Using some of the real time video effect plugins would be good. There's a video effect plugins that would also be kind of fun for games too :)Probably be a pretty simple module to write to allow using the video effect plugins. [[http://www.piksel.no/pwiki/LiViDO]] \\ [[http://effectv.sourceforge.net/]] Also some of the video stuff from freej (an SDL based VJ software) could be cool to place into pygame.  Of course freej uses livido plugins for effects too.
+==== Port PyOpenGL to GLES
+First stage would be to make PyOpenGL run on a GLES (2.x) platform.  Second stage would be architectural modifications to make PyOpenGL suitable for running on common GLES platforms (i.e. phones, tablets, Raspberry Pi), likely by producing a separate release/package which solely included those components which interface with GLES 2.x.  Third stage would be converting PyOpenGL's core library to (optionally) use an efficient wrapping mechanism (e.g. Cython) and adapting the wrapper layers to support that mechanism.  A test suite of OpenGL-ES Python programs would be required to confirm operation.
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