Thomas Kluyver committed 2c02567

Reactivate lines I'd commented out for testing.

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     if valid_build_attempt:            
         result_filename = "./output/buildresults_%s.txt" % platform_id
         write_file_lines(result_filename, [revhash, time.strftime("%Y-%m-%d %H:%M"), build_result, build_errors, build_warnings])
-        #upload_results.scp(result_filename)
+        upload_results.scp(result_filename)
         with open(last_rev_filename, 'w') as f:
         print "COMPLETED build of", revhash
         hg('clone', REPO_URL, REPO_DIR, cwd=None)
     # Ensure the repository is up to date
-    #hg('pull', REPO_URL)
+    hg('pull', REPO_URL)
     hg('update', '-C', 'default')
     revno, revhash = hg('parents', '--template', '{rev} {node}').decode('ascii').split()
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