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Alchemy Madness mix up those chemicals


Development notes

Below are some development notes. About what all the files are, and where they are.

creating a source distribution

python sdist

uploading to pypi is the python package index. It's where lots of python packages of software go.

python register python sdist upload

uploading to pyweek

For the competition only. See usage instructions when you run it.


This is used for the pygame subset for android game runner.

Fill this image in with your game icon.


Windows users can click on a .pyw file and it will run without the console.


This directory contains the script to run your game.

After installing via source or pypi alchemymadness should be on the path.


Some utility functions to be used like this: >>> data_dir('sounds', 'play.ogg') 'alchemymadness/data/sounds/play.ogg'

It will give you the path to the file you requested, but will work cross platform. Since your files could be in different places on different platforms.

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