Pyglet does not work properly when compiled using Pyinstaller

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Владислав Тончаров
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I have taken a simple example (for an experiment) - Astraea.

I have Pyinstalled it and here the strange stuff starts. I have tested it on 2 laptops and 1 PC - Pyinstaller EXE is created on one of the laptops (Lenovo with Windows 10, Intel Pentium B960 @ 2.20GHz, Nvidia GeForce GT 720M) and it works perfectly (max 40 FPS) both from the EXE and the source. On another laptop (ASUS, Win 10 64bit, Intel Core-i5, Nvidia GeForce 740M) it works, but with unplayable 0.5 FPS. And on the PC (Win 10, Intel Core-i5 PC, ATI Radeon one-slot but still good - playing CMS 2015 with Ultra texture) it works even more perfectly (than on Lenovo, which is obvious because my PC is a quite high-end gaming PC) - @ 60 FPS but after playing Astraea (even opening it) it eats all performance and requires reboot to make system work fast again.

NOTE: ### I use Python 3.4.4. I have also attached the EXE zip

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  1. Benjamin Moran

    Hi Vladislav,

    Do you have these performanc issues with the compiled, and uncompiled version? If so, it sounds very much like a GPU driver issue.

    You might want to try Windows Resource Monitor (should be included with Windows 10), and see what happens after running the game.

    You may also want to try with Python 3.6, and the latest Pyinstaller release.

  2. Владислав Тончаров reporter

    I have compiled it on my PC (with latest Pyinstaller and Python 3.5) and haven't encountered any perfomance issues. Maybe that happened because AVBin was not installed on the target computers. It worked excellent when compiled on Lenovo with some sort of old Pyinstaller with broken DLL packaging... Pyinstaller just packaged DLLs with the broken packer and used them. Anyways, it looks like the issue shuld be closed.


    Always make sure AVBin is installed on the target computers and update Pyinstaller to the newest possible version.

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