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Tag Commit Date Download
tip b8bb3c5
1.5.1 d275aa3
1.5.1-rc1 844950c
1.5 535bbd3
1.5-rc2 bf2ab9b
1.5-rc1 cf1c7ea
1.4 95eeae0
1.4-rc1 4f13358
1.1 571ef6d
1.2 f659ab7
1.3 e52c89f
1.0-rc1 32d280b
1.0 23ddd81
1.1-rc1 c9aaa27
1.1-rc3 60b6bcf
1.1-rc2 4ef7c08
RELEASE_1_0/trunk 2c2df11
Branch Commit Date Download
default b8bb3c5
1.5 712eb3f
win32_unicode 80d611e
makespec_ng 3f8fbc5
1.4 db9d224
crypt 1104ce3
dl 45645c7
no-msvcrt eb1caba
pyinstaller_1.x 28199e9
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