Alexander Tsepkov avatar Alexander Tsepkov committed 0f52eda

Fixed a bug with calling methods from a class inside a module

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Binary file removed.

     DEFPRINT(AST_BaseCall, function(self, output){
         if (self instanceof AST_ClassCall) {
             if (self.static) {
-                output.print(self.class);
+                self.class.print(output);
             } else {
-                output.print(self.class);
+                self.class.print(output);
                = "constructor";
                     return subscripts(new AST_ClassCall({
                         start      : start,
-                        class      :,
+                        class      : expr.expression,
                         method     :,
                         static     : is_static_method(c,,
                         args       : func_call_list(),
   "description": "RapydScript to JavaScript compiler",
   "homepage": "",
   "main": "tools/node.js",
-  "version": "0.1.94",
+  "version": "0.1.95",
   "engines": {
     "node": ">=0.4.0"
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