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 - RapydScript automatically appends 'new' keyword when using classes generated by it, it does not append it to objects created by another library, but it does append it to native JavaScript objects like `Image` and `RegExp`.
 - jQuery erroneously assumes that no other library will be modifying JavaScript's 'Object', and fails to do `object.hasOwnProperty()` check in multiple places where it should. To avoid breaking it, I had to implement stdlib such that dictionary methods are methods of a different object. Regular Python allows you to call hash.keys() as well as dict.keys(hash). RapydScript only supports the second notation - which is admittedly a bit more awkward.
 - List comprehensions could break when nesting multiple of them together on one line
-Additional Features
-The below section does not apply to RapydScript II
-In addition to the above features, RapydScript also checks for obvious errors during compilation. These errors include common mistakes made by developers as well as things that aren't really errors but PyvaScript will still break on (due to its own bugs). Some examples include mixing tabs and spaces in leading whitespace, using wrong library for JavaScript's `Math` methods (you want to use `Math.sqrt()` instead of `math.sqrt()` or `sqrt()`), reusing same names for global variables/classes/functions, omitting space after 'if' even if the next character is a bracket, and some other minor PyvaScript bugs. This should be enough to get you started with RapydScript. If I omitted anything that you think is useful, feel free to contact me.