Wikipedia Tables & Charts Tool

This web application allows the user to import tables from wikipedia articles, join them, do calculations on them, and create charts using tables.

Some of the intresting uses of this application would be:

  • Creating population adjusted medals table for olympics,
  • Seeing visual co-relation between life-expectancy and GDP of countries,
  • ...

To install the requirements for this program, first install python and setuptools, then run:

python install

Or if you have pip intalled, you can install it using:

pip install -r requirements.txt

After doing that, configure the settings (databases, ...) in We have provided reasonable defaults, so you can continue with-out touching settings.

Then, run the following command to create database tables:

python syncdb

To start the standalone server, run:

python runserver

Now, run your browser and point the location to:


Live Demo

There is live version of this application running at . Feel free to use it.

About the Code

Files related to important Views, Models, Forms, ... are mostly in djangodash2012/wikipedia_tools directory.

We have tried to comment the code properly, so you may find it easy to follow.