expairseq constructor cancels infinity objects

Issue #14 resolved
Burcin Erocal
created an issue

From Sage issue #13587:

sage: t = tan(x)^2 - tan(x)    
sage: t.subs(x=pi/2)
sage: u = gamma(x) - gamma(x-1)
sage: u.subs(x=-1)

This is due to the fact that construct_from_* methods in expairseq cancel out infinity objects before we can reach {add,mul}::eval().

Patch coming up.

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  1. Burcin Erocal reporter

    fixes #14 : expairseq constructor cancels out infinity objects

    expairseq::construct_from_* functions can cancel out infinity objects in the input sequence if the coefficients add up to zero. This is done before {add,mul}::eval_infinity() can be called from the eval() method.

    This was #13587 on Sage trac.

    → <<cset 2d988b7fb082>>

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