Demo auto-build every 2 hours with the last commit: http://demo.pynuke.net


Pynuke is an open source CMS, developed in python with web2py framework. It's simple, easy to use and has a great potential. It's currently in beta.

Key Features

  • Free and open source software, programmed in python using web2py
  • Modules available:

  • Create pages and add modules into panels, modify content easily.

  • Web hierarchical structure in multi-level menus.
  • Manage users and roles, assign permissions to pages
  • Create your own designs or modules
  • Optimized from the start to search engines


  • Web2py Framework
  • Python 2.5, 2.6, 2.7.
  • Python YAML module

Note: Google appengine is not supported.

Preparing the installation package from source code

Please download the source code, unzip it and package it into a file w2p

  • Download the last zip file with sources and unzip to a folder.

    wget https://bitbucket.org/pynukedev/pynuke/get/default.tar.gz -O ./pynuke.tar.gz

    gzip -dc pynuke.tar.gz | tar -x

    #change to folder

    cd pynukedev-pynuke-commit (change commit for commit id)

  • Compress all files in format "Tar.gz" in a file called pynuke.w2p

    tar czf ./pynuke.w2p ./ --exclude=*.tar --exclude=*.w2p


  • Upload the file pynuke.w2p from web2py administrator using the mechanism of installing new applications and call the application "init", in this way the default boot application will be Pynuke.

  • You must move the file "root move_to_root_routes.py" in pynuke folder to root of web2py folder and rename to routes.py

  • Access the web site, you should see the home page in pynuke, press the login button

  • To enter the first time, username admin and password admin.