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pypixiv is a Python API for Pixiv. It aims to be a simple, easy to use, and lightweight alternative to other libraries, and to be specially suited for interactive python use such as through ipython.

Currently a work in progress.


(Placeholder names are used instead of actual values until I get a valid manga and illustration uploaded)

First, create a Pixiv context:

>>> import pixiv
>>> context = pixiv.Pixiv("USERNAME", "PASSWORD")

Pixiv.get_url(url) returns one of Illust or Manga based on the URL:

>>> x = context.get_url("MANGA OR ILLUST URL")
>>> x
Illust(Pixiv("USERNAME"), ILLUST_ID)

Call to download a Illust or Manga:

["FILENAME 1", "FILENAME 2", ...]

And finally, logout:

>>> context.logout()


Installation uses distutils:

python build install

Running 2to3 is not required.




Alternative Libraries