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This wiki serves to document pixiv's web interface for the purpose of developing web scrapers, as well as to track pypixiv's development.

List of Pages

login.phpSession LoginComplete
logout.phpPHP Session DestroyComplete
mypage.phpUser home pageWill not document
content_upload.phpNot started
member_illust_del.phpNot started
bookmark.phpNot started
msgbox.phpNot started
notify_all.phpNot started
cate_r18.phpNot started
setting_user.phpNot started
setting_profile.phpNot started
setting_info.phpNot started
/stacc/index.phpNot started
/stacc/my/settingNot started
setting_blogparts.phpNot started
setting_showcase.phpNot started
tags.phpNot started
search.phpNot started
/novel/index.phpNot started
/novel/show.phpNot started
/novel/tags.phpNot started
rating_all.phpNot started
comment_all.phpNot started
member.phpNot started
event.phpNot started
event_add.phpNot started
profile_event.phpNot started