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Vinay Sajip  committed 258fbf7

Updated change log.

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     - Added support for PEP 426 JSON metadata (pydist.json).
+    - Generalised digests to support e.g. SHA256.
     - Fixed a bug in parsing legacy metadata from .egg directories.
     - Removed duplicated code relating to parsing "provides" fields.
     - The legacy scheme is used for the default locator.
-    - Changes relating to parsing "provides" fields.
+    - Made changes relating to parsing "provides" fields.
+    - Generalised digests to support e.g. SHA256.
     - If no release version is found for a requirement, prereleases are
       now considered even if not explicitly requested.

File docs/reference.rst

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       The metadata for the distribution. This is a
       :class:`distlib.metadata.Metadata` instance.
-   .. attribute:: download_url
+   .. attribute:: source_url
-      The download URL for the distribution.
+      The download URL for the source distribution.
+   .. attribute:: digest
+      The digest for the source distribution. This is either ``None`` or a
+      2-tuple consisting of the hashing algorithm and the digest using that
+      algorithm, e.g. ``('sha256', '01234...')``.
    .. attribute:: locator