Vinay Sajip  committed b63cbce

Updated the Wheel class to use the Cache class for extracted extensions.

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File distlib/

 from .compat import sysconfig, ZipFile, fsdecode, text_type, filter
 from .database import InstalledDistribution
 from .metadata import Metadata, METADATA_FILENAME
-from .util import (FileOperator, convert_path, CSVReader, CSVWriter,
+from .util import (FileOperator, convert_path, CSVReader, CSVWriter, Cache,
                    cached_property, get_cache_base, read_exports)
 logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
+cache = None    # created when needed
 if hasattr(sys, 'pypy_version_info'):
     IMP_PREFIX = 'pp'
     def _get_dylib_cache(self):
         # Use native string to avoid issues on 2.x: see Python #20140.
-        result = os.path.join(get_cache_base(), str('dylib-cache'), sys.version[:3])
-        if not os.path.isdir(result):
-            os.makedirs(result)
-        return result
+        global cache
+        if cache is None:
+            base = os.path.join(get_cache_base(), str('dylib-cache'),
+                                sys.version[:3])
+            if not os.path.isdir(base):
+                os.makedirs(base)
+            cache = Cache(base)
+        return cache
     def _get_extensions(self):
         pathname = os.path.join(self.dirname, self.filename)
                 with as bf:
                     wf = wrapper(bf)
                     extensions = json.load(wf)
-                    cache_base = self._get_dylib_cache()
+                    cache = self._get_dylib_cache()
+                    prefix = cache.prefix_to_dir(pathname)
+                    cache_base = os.path.join(cache.base, prefix)
+                    if not os.path.isdir(cache_base):
+                        os.makedirs(cache_base)
                     for name, relpath in extensions.items():
                         dest = os.path.join(cache_base, convert_path(relpath))
                         if not os.path.exists(dest):

File tests/

             raise unittest.SkipTest('Suitable wheel not found.')
         fn = os.path.join(HERE, fn)
         w = Wheel(fn)
-        if not is_compatible(w):    # pragma: no cover
+        if not w.is_compatible() or not w.is_mountable():     # pragma: no cover
             raise unittest.SkipTest('Wheel not suitable for mounting.')
         self.assertRaises(ImportError, __import__, 'minimext')